ReadSpeaker proReader now reading PDFs

We’ve been getting many requests from our ReadSpeaker proReader customers in the past months for PDF support meaning reading out loud PDF files on their web sites. We have now added this new functionality to our ReadSpeaker proReader product. This new feature enables web site owners to expand to PDFs the audio channel of their online content. The PDF reading comes with a set of controls to be used for navigating in the PDF (previous page, next page, first page, last page) as well as a drop-down list where the user can go directly to a selected page within the PDF.

Screenshot of ReadSpeaker proReader

Screenshot of ReadSpeaker proReader

The PDF reading feature nicely complements the existing features that end users can enjoy, namely:

•    Activate the highlighting of the text being spoken and customise how this highlighting should be presented (by word, by phrase, a mix of both or none)
•    Pre-select the part of the text on the web page that should be read out loud
•    Choose the reading speed
•    Show or hide the text as it is being read
•    Change the text size and colour as well as the font face
•    Give feedback notably on any pronunciation improvements

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