A software solution that critically enhances the accessibility for all of the web, as it allows visitors to listen to the text of every webpage being read aloud.
Ethics & Social Responsibility Programme, UNWTO, A Specialized Agency of the United Nations
Our choice wasn’t tough to make. We want to be able to develop quickly and provide updates on a short term notice. If you’re in a situation similar like ours, I can definitely recommend ReadSpeaker’s text to speech.
Geert van de Wouw, Knowledge Development Consultant

We did some user testing and I showed a young man who had a learning disability a website with ReadSpeaker, he commented, 'this is the way all websites should have been designed in the first place. This is the future.' I know having ReadSpeaker implemented on our new website will make it accessible to a whole new audience of people.
Luke Beaumont, Information Officer - Internet and Social Media

ReadSpeaker is a phenomenal tool. It improves the accessibility of myPLACE Online content for our Adult Basic Education students. For those with fluency issues, ReadSpeaker allows them to better understand text by hearing high-quality audio which helps to reduce barriers to learning. I commend ReadSpeaker’s leadership team for their willingness to donate this program to support the educational pursuits of Philadelphians.
Diane Inverso, interim executive director
The aim of Disability News Service is to provide in-depth coverage of disability-related UK news stories. It is crucial therefore that the DNS website is accessible to disabled people themselves. Having ReadSpeaker on the site provides an extra dimension of accessibility that would otherwise not be available. I know from comments from visitors to the site that they find the technology provided by ReadSpeaker incredibly useful, and I can also say that there has not been a single concern or problem raised about how it works since we started including it on the DNS website. I’m very happy with the service provided by ReadSpeaker and what it offers disabled people.
John Pring, Editor
In order to improve our current website, we found it necessary to include the reading functionality. This helps all our citizens through the digital landscape. Especially since the vast majority of processes within the municipality of Molenaard are completed digitally (online), it is important to make sure information is accessible. As a result, we have more time for personal contact with those citizens who really need it. After receiving the offer from ReadSpeaker, we went live within 2 weeks with the improved website and listen functionality. The execution went very quickly, without problems.
Sebastiaan Gerats, Teamleider Antwoord & Communicatie
Without ReadSpeaker, our website wouldn’t be fully accessible, which means we’d be letting down our readership. ReadSpeaker provides a fundamental service that helps us and other sites to reach out to all sections of society, and is therefore vital for inclusion. We’re so glad we teamed up with ReadSpeaker from the very beginning of our journey with Disability Horizons, and we intend to keep on working with them and their excellent software for years and years to come!
Srin Madipalli, Co-Founder
ReadSpeaker offers great text-to-speech functionality that seems to be the best and most natural voices available on the market. Integration of ReadSpeaker is very easy but if needed there is a dedicated support team available for all your questions.
Bram Fabeck, Project Manager
Integration with ReadSpeaker was simple, seamless and absolutely worth the time. They provide the tools and direction and you just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Brad Gessell, CEO
We want our services and information to be available for all people. We were approached by a range of other text-to-speech providers but the Read Speaker product was by far the easiest to navigate. It was also hugely helpful that consultants were local (in Australia). Our CMS support team had no problems with instructions on implementing and any queries were resolved super-fast even though support was overseas.
Jessica Prochazkova, Web Coordinator