Ghost Voices: Using Text-to-Speech Technology to Improve the Quality of Learning Online

Dr. Sheri Hutchinson of ReadSpeaker and Karen LaPlant of Hennepin Technical College discuss universal design, accessibility, and how adding text to speech to your online learning environment improves student outcomes.

Accessible Design: Text to Speech in the VLE

Joop Heijenrath, co-founder and CCO of ReadSpeaker, discusses the importance of accessible design in the VLE, with a focus on how to integrate text to speech into the Blackboard learning environment.

Improving Outcomes by Improving Access: Key Tools for Learning Accessibility

This webinar, presented in conjunction with Brightspace by D2L and Automatic Sync,discusses how integrating accessibility into learning does not have to be complex, and can drive better business outcomes. Watch the recorded webinar on Brightspace’s website.

Accessibility in Online Learning

This webinar presents ReadSpeaker TextAid as a reading, writing, and studying tool for all students, as a way to increase accessibility or simply to engage and motivate all students.

Using Text to Speech for Accessibility – AccessText & ReadSpeaker

Thanks to AccessText, this webinar presents ReadSpeaker TextAid, a complete reading, writing and studying solution which integrates the leading text-to-speech functionalities to help those with learning disabilities become confident, autonomous learners.

Access the ReadSpeaker docReader version of the presentation here:
Using Text To Speech for Accessibility: ReadSpeaker TextAid