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Celebrating 25 Years of Voice! 🎉


From the upstart indie platformer to the latest triple-A spectacle, ReadSpeaker TTS takes video game development to the next level.

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Voice Sample

“Today’s your start of something new! Now that I’m ten years old, we’re finally embarking on an epic quest together to unite our worlds. Throughout our adventure we’ll learn that with great power comes great responsibility, and, that it’s dangerous to go alone! You know what adventurers say, right? The journey is the destination. Yeah! I’m gonna remain hopeful and also grow much stronger, just like you. It takes courage uniting these epic worlds of ours, but it is something worth fighting for.”



Leverage the power of text to speech (TTS) and deploy it natively in your game!

The ReadSpeaker game engine plugins for Unity and Unreal allow you to add dynamic text-to-speech functionality to your games at runtime - SIGN UP FOR THE FREE TRIAL TODAY!

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ReadSpeaker's Unity and Unreal plugin trials are without a time limit, so you can truly try out TTS throughout your entire game development process.
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Features and benefits

- Easy-to-use, flexible APIs

- Only 2 lines of code are required to get started

- Installing takes less than 30 minutes

- Multi-platform support

- Advanced features for precise control of the TTS creation process

- Use SSML to tweak the audio output exactly to your liking

- Customize speech output - adjust voice, volume, pitch, speed, and more

* “PlayStation” is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Text to Speech for Gaming

Text to speech (TTS) belongs in your game-development toolbox. Use it to prototype scenes with instant voice audio files, or produce in-game dialogue without costly recording sessions. Use it to power accessibility features—verbal menus, video description, audio prompts. ReadSpeaker provides TTS solutions for all these applications, from small-footprint synthesized speech to the latest end-to-end, AI-trained models. Our flexible speech-engine technology matches any game’s technical requirements, with a variety of hosting options and a range of data footprints. Keep your production on schedule while giving your creation greater reach with TTS solutions from ReadSpeaker.

From the upstart indie platformer to the latest triple-A spectacle, ReadSpeaker TTS takes video game development to the next level.

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Text to Speech & Voice Talent in Gaming

Voice actors are in the video game industry to stay. In fact, they provide the audio data we use to build most custom character voices. But for many game-development tasks, TTS is a quicker, simpler choice than yet another recording session.

With a TTS character voice, you can make changes to a performance in an instant. You can add dialogue to a sequel without worrying about talent availability. Custom TTS character voices also allow you to keep all audio production in-house, eliminating reliance on outside studios. And all-TTS dialogue lets you translate your game into new languages overnight, opening up new markets at a fraction of the cost. ReadSpeaker helps you realize all these benefits and more.

Studio Computer Music Station. Professional audio mixing console. 3d rendering.

TTS Solutions for Video Game Developers

With all the ways game developers use TTS, flexible deployment is a must. Multiple ReadSpeaker solutions cover every production contingency.

Custom Character Voices

We train our TTS models on deep neural networks (DNN) to create an engaging and original voice, built specifically for your character.

Ready-Made Text-to-Speech

Choose from over 110 ReadSpeaker synthetic voices in over 35 languages—then customize your selection using our cloud-based audio effects suite.

Voice Cloning

Emulate an existing character’s voice for limitless, consistent new dialogue from one sequel to the next.

ReadSpeaker’s DNN technology provides extraordinarily lifelike machine speech, while lower-footprint technologies are ideal for prototyping. If you build voice-automated games, our TTS products are ideal for speech generation. We collaborate with leading speech recognition partners when our customers require TTS together with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions.

Why You Need ReadSpeaker on Your Team

ReadSpeaker brings 20 years of experience (and audio data) to the game. Our linguists have solved the thorniest problems in machine speech, so ReadSpeaker TTS provides the most accurate pronunciation available right out of the box, plus:

  • Flexibility of deployment

    Generate and ship audio files on a game disc. Integrate a TTS engine directly into your mobile game’s software. Access your TTS voices with an SDK or an API. With ReadSpeaker, any tech goes.

  • Localization

    Our TTS library offers an extensive and growing selection of voices, languages, and dialects. That saves you the trouble of re-recording dialogue in multiple languages for international releases.

  • Customization

    Make any TTS voice your own with our cloud-based audio effects tool and SSML editor, SpeechMaker FX, which allows you to adjust pronunciation while adding EQ, reverb, chorus, and more.

  • Privacy

    Our customers’ and end users’ privacy is key. While other TTS vendors may run analytics on the data that flows through their solutions, any intelligence on content run through the ReadSpeaker platform stays with our clients.

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Some Words from our Customers

“We wanted a solution that could feel extremely responsive to user input without putting a heavy load on the CPU … Using ReadSpeaker’s solutions, we were able to synthesize TTS audio for 24 unique languages … [and] we had a markup language included that allowed us to adjust the pronunciation of certain words.”

Matthew Gallant

Lead Systems Designer at Naughty Dog

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