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Voice Guidance & Navigation

Your voice guidance software finds the path, our digital voices read the route, and together, we lead the way.

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Voice Sample

“In two miles you will be taking a slight right onto Tremont Street, which is experiencing unusually heavy traffic for this time of day. Would you like me to put together a different route to avoid long wait times? I have one planned that will route you onto Columbus Street which has light traffic and will result in a two minute earlier arrival. Does this sound good?”

Versatile Text to Speech for Voice Guidance & Navigation Systems

Voice guidance and navigation systems have traveled far beyond their automotive origins. Innovative brands are building directional navigation software into digital real estate tours, mobile store-finder apps, touchless information kiosks, and more—all within their own unique digital ecosystems. To use voice navigation effectively, you need a dynamic text-to-speech (TTS) voice that speaks to its audience and integrates seamlessly into your systems architecture.

ReadSpeaker’s platform-agnostic TTS solutions live where your system can access them: on the cloud, on local servers, even embedded in mobile devices—while most TTS providers limit deployment to the cloud alone. This flexibility allows ReadSpeaker TTS to integrate into any digital navigation system, online or off, from nautical GPS to full-service concierge bots.

Your TTS voice is the crucial point of identification between your tool and the consumer.

Voice guidance and navigation tools use satellite-based systems like GPS to generate directions, while a TTS engine creates sound files that convey those directions to the user.

Traditional examples like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps may have popularized text-to-speech GPS technology, but now it’s finding a way into advanced branding and customer service applications—such as ZipRealty’s award-winning mobile app, which announces homes for sale as you travel.
Imagine your mobile app or a mall’s kiosk directing customers to your nearest retail location—and doing so with a unique, recognizable, lifelike voice that belongs to your brand alone.

Smart watch, earbuds, and navigation system

Text-to-Speech Navigation Solutions

ReadSpeaker offers a growing list of TTS solutions that don’t just read directions aloud, but also provide great customer experiences along the way.

Custom Branded Voices

Your navigation app represents your brand. It should speak with a voice that expresses your brand personality with precision. ReadSpeaker’s team of linguists, computer scientists, and marketing specialists work with you to map brand traits onto specific vocal characteristics. The result is a unique and literal brand voice you can deploy throughout your entire digital marketing universe.

Ready-Made Text-to-Speech

For the quickest deployment, choose from our ready-to-go collection of more than 110+ synthetic voices in over 35+ languages. Every voice has been upgraded from last-gen unit speech selection technology to the latest deep-neural-network (DNN) speech synthesis, producing a more natural sound for every audience.

Voice Cloning

Already have a representative or a synthetic voice that expresses your brand? Our machine learning models can create a TTS solution that mimics an existing speaker, human or digital, readying any voice for deployment in new navigation systems.

While ReadSpeaker’s DNN TTS solutions provide the most natural digital voices a navigation-system developer could ask for, we do not build full-service conversational AI platforms. Instead, we partner with industry leaders like SoundHound and HARMAN to bring back-end TTS functionality to conversational platforms of all types.

Find Your Digital Navigation System’s Voice

ReadSpeaker has been at the vanguard of text-to-speech technology for more than two decades. Today, our VoiceLab continues to advance the science of machine speech through extensive R&D exploration. ReadSpeaker provides:

  • Technical versatility

    ReadSpeaker offers standard synthetic voices, natural DNN TTS, and ultra-high-quality DNN HQ selections—each with its own mix of capabilities and requirements—to reach an ideal balance between time to market, technical integration, and vocal realism.

  • Customizable performance

    Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) support provides on-demand performance adjustment—before, during, and after launch.

  • Ongoing linguist support

    We build partnerships for the long term, with continued access to our linguists and an updatable custom pronunciation dictionary.

  • Our customers’ and end users’ privacy is key. While other TTS vendors may run analytics on the data that flows through their solutions, any intelligence on content run through the ReadSpeaker platform stays with our clients.

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