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Text to Speech for Transportation Systems

Travelers may hear an announcement, but do they understand? ReadSpeaker TTS delivers the message with clear, natural synthetic speech.

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Voice Sample

“Good afternoon, passengers on East Coast Express Rail. We apologize for disruptions between Providence and Warwick stations due to an incident on the Boston to Providence line. Expect delays, and we'll keep you updated. Your safety is our priority. Thank you for your understanding.”

Lifelike Digital Voices for Public Transport Solutions

When a passenger information system makes a statement, do travelers get the message? Too often, the answer is no. Poor audio quality is a common problem for public address systems, and muffled announcements in rail transit stations remain an international punchline.

The problem is intelligibility, and that’s an issue of voice quality. Upgrade your passenger information system—and more—with a digital voice that cuts through the noise: a lifelike TTS voice from ReadSpeaker.

Voice is a key customer-engagement tool at rail stations, airports, and bus terminals the world over. Public announcements even deliver life-saving news through emergency broadcast systems. Clarity is essential.

Real-time passenger information systems use TTS to provide the up-to-date messages travelers need. But legacy TTS voices introduce as many problems as they solve. They’re stilted, robotic, off-putting, and often hard to understand.

ReadSpeaker TTS voices are different. We leverage proprietary deep neural networks (DNNs) to craft neural TTS voices that sound better than the real thing: welcoming, intelligible, and clear as a bell.

ReadSpeaker TTS Across the Passenger Journey

ReadSpeaker TTS voices deliver information, not just speech—and they arrive at every point of the passenger journey. Deploy ReadSpeaker TTS on servers, embedded in devices, or on the cloud to give voice to:

Passenger Information Systems

Public address systems must use clear, friendly, and easily understood speech. ReadSpeaker TTS voices cut through the din of a busy train or platform to share information reliably thanks to state-of-the art speech intelligibility enhancement for noisy travel environments.

Ticketing, Vending, and Self Check-In Kiosks

TTS is an essential accessibility tool at self-service kiosks. As contactless vending becomes more widespread, ReadSpeaker TTS gives a voice to touch-free ticketing automation for all.

Customer Care Voicebots

Artificial intelligence (AI) in mass transit automates customer service, whether travelers use voicebots on your mobile app, website, or signage and displays for public transport applications. Cloud-based TTS voices from ReadSpeaker create a consistent experience for public transportation AI assistants.

Whether you’re running ReadSpeaker TTS in the cloud or on a device, our neural voices provide the same outstanding quality. That provides a consistent experience from the website to the app, from one stop to the next, and every point in between.

Transport System TTS Solutions from ReadSpeaker

Choose from more than 110 ReadSpeaker TTS voices in over 35 languages and upgrade your systems today. Or develop a custom branded TTS voice that sets your travel service apart from the competition, building customer loyalty and recognition with every trip.

  • Clear, lifelike quality

    We use AI and machine learning to craft the most lifelike TTS voices available, leveraging state-of-the-art technology that enhances intelligibility in the noisiest travel context.

  • Emotional expression

    Prefer to project a more cheerful presence? ReadSpeaker TTS offers a variety of expressive moods to put travelers at ease.

  • Small footprint TTS engines

    Neural TTS from ReadSpeaker is extremely low on memory usage. We don’t hog your server, and our embedded voices sound just as natural as some of those that run on the cloud.

  • Flexible deployment

    ReadSpeaker TTS runs just as well on your information system server as it does inside the train. Our systems port to just about any software or hardware, and deployment is quick and painless.

  • Cross-lingual speech

    A train from Paris to Amsterdam must deliver travel information in several languages—sometimes mixing them into the same announcement. Cross-lingual TTS from ReadSpeaker makes this possible.

  • Ongoing linguist support

    Pronunciation accuracy is close to spotless out of the box, but if you need to adjust jargon, proper nouns, or acronyms, our team of speech scientists is always there to help. We customize your system’s pronunciation lexicon to match your market, or you can do it yourself with our powerful speech production tool.

  • Full privacy

    ReadSpeaker systems never collect data—not from you or the travelers you serve.

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