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ReadSpeaker Avaya DevConnect Partner Page

Accurate, lifelike voices in multiple languages for enhanced self-service applications that address your communication needs and help grow your business.

Engaging, Flexible, and Affordable Text to Speech

ReadSpeaker is a proud Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner. ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP is a complete, standards-based text-to-speech solution that supports the effortless and flexible deployment of ReadSpeaker’s portfolio of lifelike, accurate digital voices in Avaya Aura® Experience Portal.

ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP with ReadSpeaker text-to-speech voices engage end users and help businesses deliver an excellent customer experience across all touchpoints. ReadSpeaker’s numerous voices from around the world speak to callers, helping businesses to deliver enhanced, personalized services. 

ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP is Avaya Certified 

ReadSpeaker’s speechServer MRCP solution is a complete, standards-based text-to-speech solution that helps businesses manage multi-thread speech sessions, such as sessions within their conversational IVR systems. The speechServer MRCP solution is based on the Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) v2. The application is compliance-tested by Avaya for compatibility with the Avaya IX Contact Center component–Avaya Aura® Experience Portal 7.2.2.

ReadSpeaker is a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program, an initiative to develop, market, and sell innovative third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology, and extend the value of a company’s investment in its network.  

ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP includes the following capabilities:

  • Converts written text into speech and enhances your customers’ experience with customized voices
  • Enables dynamic multi-thread speech sessions
  • Flexible and secure deployment
  • Web-based administration tools 
  • Dedicated technical support

And main features:

  • Multiple languages addressing global reach: 30+ languages with over 90 natural sounding voices. Ongoing language portfolio expansion along with continuous quality improvement of existing languages.
  • Privacy enabled – no user data collected 
  • Real-time, unlimited voice output 
  • ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP is the result of more than 20 years of experience in pioneering and innovating text-to-speech
  • In addition to on-premise, ReadSpeaker optionally offers speechServer MRCP as a hosted, cloud-based or hybrid deployment

Download Our Fact Sheet About ReadSpeaker’s Avaya DevConnect Offering

This fact sheet provides an overview of ReadSpeaker’s Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner offering.

Click to Download the ReadSpeaker Avaya DevConnect Partner Fact Sheet

Licensing and Availability

ReadSpeaker’s speechServer MRCP voice solution for Avaya Aura® Experience Portal is available globally. This solution is licensed via the Avaya DevConnect Program on a per port basis.

For more information about ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP for Avaya Aura® Experience Portal, or to learn how to purchase this solution, please email

Support Information

ReadSpeaker Avaya DevConnect Partner Global Support is available in English. If you require support for ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP in Avaya Aura® Experience Portal, please email