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Thanks for attending BBWorld 2015!

ReadSdpeaker Education

Thank you for attending Blackboard World 2015! We hope you had a chance to stop by the ReadSpeaker booth and speak to one of our representatives. Missed us at BBWorld? Here’s a recap:TextAid Tablet As an official Blackboard partner, ReadSpeaker offers a building block for the Blackboard LMS. This building block can be easily implemented into your Blackboard environment, and as a result, students can easily listen to course content, both in HTML-based and document formats. Watch a video to see how ReadSpeaker works in Blackboard on our website. ReadSpeaker Enterprise speech-enables all your HTML content, while ReadSpeaker docReader adds audio and synchronized highlighting to all your online documents in the Blackboard environment. Our Blackboard integration is now enhanced with our newest feature solution, TextAid. ReadSpeaker TextAid offers a complete reading, writing and studying solution. With new features such as one-click web reading, speech-enabling scanned documents, downloadable audio files, and a new interface, ReadSpeaker TextAid goes further to be an effective learning tool for students. Interested in enhancing your Blackboard environment with ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech solutions? Contact us today. The ReadSpeaker Team