As the initiators of the market for speech-enabling web sites with our ReadSpeaker products, we have come across many different reasons amongst our 3000+ customer web sites for giving their online text content a voice using our server side solution. Here is a list of the 10 main reasons which come back most often from our customers : 1. It helps certain users get better access to our web site, notably all those that have different reading handicaps such as dyslexia or a certain degree of visual impairment. 2. It is a great comfort tool for users who spend long periods of time in front of their computer or mobile phone and who appreciate listening to a web page to ease the strain of reading text. 3. It is a very easy way for listening to our text wherever our user is and whenever he/she wants to listen. Thanks to the save mp3 feature or the ability to convert RSS feeds into podcasts, our text content is portable to mobile devices like a smartphone or mp3 device. 4. It is a learning tool that helps our web site visitors whose language is not the same we write our content in better understand by listening to it. 5. We can reach out to more users, increase the trafic to our web site or blog and at the same time show that we care for those that benefit from listening instead of reading our online content. 6. It helps our users in multi-task contexts listen to our content while engaging in other activities. This can range from listening to cooking recipes while in front of the stove, to listening to step by step do-it-yourself activities like putting up a new window. 7. It provides us with the missing link, we can now have our users listen as well as sharing, printing, sending our content. 8. It immediately and on-the-fly converts our online text content into voice thereby giving us an effortless audio channel that we can propose for free to our followers. 9. Because of the server-side service proposed by ReadSpeaker, our content can be listened to from any device connected to the Internet, whether from home, at the work place or from any location with Internet connectivity. 10. Since ReadSpeaker is device independent, we are sure that our visitors can listen to what we have to say whatever hardware they use, from a PC to an Android supported phone but also gaming consoles, interactive Internet-TV systems, Internet kiosks, etc