The listen buttons that end users click on to instantly listen to the webpages of our customers are designed to be as simple as possible. Underneath the hood however, our services propose many different features so that website and mobile app owners can customize the reading experience to suit the needs of their users. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of these customization options.

  1. Multiple languages on one page: You have a web site that has text in different languages on it? We can read different parts of the page in different languages if the parts are correctly (W3C valid) marked up. We propose 35+ languages to this effect.
  2. Multiple Voices per Language: Imagine that you want to alternate a female and male voice to read different parts of a webpage to your visitors. We have more than 100 voices so you can propose different voices to read your web content.
  3. Customized Reading Speed: You can define the reading speed (how fast or slow the voice should read the content) for your users. This is also an option that your users can control themselves for most of our services.
  4. Dynamic Filename Support: You can define a string of characters for each Listen button to name the MP3 audio file. This name will be used when your users download the audio file for personal use. Instead of having a random file name such as xyz.mp3 you can name it to fit the topic of the webpage that you are speech-enabling.
  5. Customer-Defined MP3 Bit Rate: You can define the audio quality and size of the MP3 audio file that should be generated and played back.