Packed underground photo credit: whatleydude Customers ask us to give them relevant reasons for why they should add online text to speech to their web sites, mobile sites or mobile apps. Here are 5 important ones:

  1. Don’t leave some of your users behind. Online text to speech helps those of your visitors with reading problems access your text content. Moreover, since no downloads are required, users just click & listen to listen to your content.
  2. Make your text content usable in situations where reading is not an easy option. Put yourself in your users’ shoes when for example they want to access your text content on small mobile screens in a packed train while commuting to work.
  3. If you are in the eLearning space, adding online text to speech helps learners better understand and memorize your learning material. And as in point 2, you can get your learners to listen to your content wherever they are and whenever they want.
  4. In a world which increasingly asks us to multi-task, listening to your online content helps your users engage in other activities in parallel.
  5. The frequency of creating text content online is exploding. Online text to speech gives you the opportunity to automatically create an audio channel of your text thereby increasing the value of your content creation process.

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