Shampoo This might sound like a shampoo & conditioner ad but it describes the “ReadSpeaker effect”. By adding a text-to-speech layer to your online content you are effectively providing an audio channel on top of your text content. Once you have ReadSpeaker on your web site, then you have an automatic and on-the-fly talking web site. What are the advantages of providing an audio version of your online text content:

  • Choice – you are providing a greater choice to your visitors on how they can consume your content.
  • Equal access – you are reducing the digital divide by allowing users with different reading disabilities to access your written content.
  • Convenience – visitors to your web site or mobile app can listen while they are on the go, for example commuting to work, thereby making your content more convenient to access.
  • Learning – if you propose content for learning purposes, having it in audio format reinforces the learning experience by enabling users to listen to your educational content on-the-fly or by saving the mp3 file for later consumption.
  • Availability – an audio version of your web site or mobile app is always there for your visitors to use with the simple click & listen feature of our web based solutions.

Photo credit : takot