Listen button images
New Listen Button Images

ReadSpeaker is proud to introduce the latest version of our webReader online reading solution. Following a fruitful customer usability study, we decided to rethink the solution so that it is even easier to use for anyone accessing content online. The main updates include:

  • A new, simplified Listen button, player and toolbar for ease of use
  • As the text is read, the page will scroll down automatically by default. Once the Listen button is no longer visible, a new pop-up control panel appears in the bottom right hand corner of the page for easier listening navigation.
  • The Text Mode feature offers distraction-free reading. You can view web pages in plain text format.
  • Select any text on a page and a new pop-up menu appears with the Listen, Translation, and Dictionary features.
  • The Translation feature will ensure your content reaches an international audience.
  • The Dictionary feature helps your readers learn as they read your web pages. They just select a word on your website to find its definition in an online dictionary.

Learn more about ReadSpeaker webReader by visiting the product page here.

Implementation Details

  • If you already have ReadSpeaker webReader on your website:
    –  For all standard implementations, webReader will update automatically by June 19, 2019 at the latest.
    –  If you do not have our standard implementation, please contact your ReadSpeaker Sales representative to update.
    –  If you have added an About page for ReadSpeaker webReader to your website, we strongly advise replacing it with the new webReader About page found in your Customer Portal.
  • If you don’t have ReadSpeaker on your website yet:
    With just a few lines of code, you can speech-enable your website content. Fill out this contact form to get started.

Why Do You Need Text to Speech on Your Website Anyway?

Truth is, your website text content is not as accessible to your audience as it could be. This audience includes those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, reduced vision, language learners, the growing elderly population, and anyone else looking for a simpler way to access digital content. See more on the webReader product page.

Contact us to get started with ReadSpeaker webReader!