ReadSpeaker TextAid TabletWe’d be delighted to show you how you can use read-aloud technology at ATIA, from 2-6 February in Orlando. The annual conference, sponsored by the Assistive Technology Industry Association, showcases the best in assistive technology tools and services. ReadSpeaker TextAid will be on display at ATIA for you to explore! We develop easy-to-use, cost-efficient audio tools for individuals and institutions alike that turn any text into accessible, bi-modally presented audio content. Using audio improves learning results, boosts confidence, and increases motivation for struggling learners. Visit ReadSpeaker at booth #107 at ATIA to explore text-to-speech technology for individual or institutional use. We’ll walk you through a demonstration , as well as answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Don’t miss Paul Stisser’s presentation at ATIA:

Enhancing the Learning Experience with Text to Speech 4 February, 8:00 a.m. in Bonaire ¾

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