Bank of Beirut, one of the leading banks in Lebanon with over 77 branches in Lebanon and five branches overseas, is the first bank in Lebanon to call upon ReadSpeaker to make their digital platform more accessible with text-to-speech (TTS) technology.

Bank of Beirut is a bank committed to its community, offering its customers and website visitors equal opportunity to access their online content. Many people can benefit from ReadSpeaker services, such as those with low vision, dyslexia, or low literacy, and older adults. In addition, ReadSpeaker services help a large population of users on the go, as they can access content more easily.

By choosing ReadSpeaker TTS solutions, the closest technology one can get to a human voice, Bank of Beirut has instantly deployed successful customer-centric services that tick all the boxes in terms of accessibility, customer satisfaction, regulatory requirements, cost-containment, easy implementation, and management.

ReadSpeaker solutions not only help banks to have their websites and mobile apps more accessible, but can also make services offered at the banks’ branches more accessible: with ReadSpeaker docReader, clients can listen to their contracts, customer duties, rights, and any other documents they need to read to open accounts or take out loans.

ReadSpeaker facilitates the mission of bank employees and the needs of their customers by offering people with visual impairments, dyslexia, low literacy, and older adults a unique and independent customer experience.