The best text-to-speech online tools are fun to play with, but you wouldn’t want to use them for a commercial project. Just look at the benighted voice NFT provider, Voiceverse. The company combined TTS voices with NFT ownership: Buy the NFT and you get exclusive rights to a voice file. But before you go selling rights, you should probably make sure they’re yours to sell.

In January 2022, Voiceverse was on top of the NFT world, having netted a powerful new partner in gaming voice superstar Troy Baker (that’s Joel from The Last of Us, among about a million other roles). By the end of that month, Baker had pulled out of the deal and Voiceverse was making public apologies.

The issue? Voiceverse used a non-commercial TTS voice without permission, offering it for sale as an NFT. The creator of the voice,, found out and brought the complaint to Twitter, the nation’s highest court of public shaming. Voiceverse lost its celebrity backer as a result.

The lesson? Never use free text-to-speech online tools in a commercial project. If you’re adding TTS to something you plan to monetize, stick with professional services that include commercial licenses.

If that’s something you need, check out ReadSpeaker. We work with organizations of all sizes on every conceivable TTS scenario, and our neural TTS voices are second to none. We’ll even work with you to create a custom TTS voice that’s never been heard before.

The story of Voiceverse is a cautionary tale for content creators of all stripes, whether you’re hopping on the NFT train or just adding a voiceover to your monetized YouTube videos. Be careful how you use text to speech—free services especially.

With that warning out of the way, here’s a list of some of the best text-to-speech online tools of 2022, that are totally free.

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10 of the Best Text-to-Speech Online Tools for 2022


It may not be the best sounding text-to-speech provider out there, but beats most (not all!) of its peers on character count. You can convert up to 30,000 characters of text to voice files at a time, playing them back or downloading them as MP3s. Choose from 16 English voices or any of 13 other languages. - best text to speech online tool

2. Intelligent Speaker

Unlike others on this list, Intelligent Speaker isn’t a production tool. It’s a browser plug-in that acts as a text-to-speech reader for any online content, so you can listen instead of read. Paid subscriptions are available, but this service is free for up to one hour of listening per month.

3. Listen

This quick and easy TTS site uses the Google Text to Speech API to convert short snippets of text into natural-sounding synthetic speech. Listen online or download an MP3. You’re limited to just 100 characters at a time, but the voice quality is great, and more than 100 languages are available (including Esperanto!).

Listen - best text to speech online tool


Looking for an easy way to create long TTS MP3s, maybe for a utilitarian voice over or study guide? offers up to 50,000 characters per TTS conversion, the most generous count on our list. It’s only good for MP3 conversions, and the processing time was pretty long during testing—it took about a minute to handle just 80 characters. The service is also only available in English, with just a few voices. But if your main concern is character count, this could be the TTS tool for you. - best text to speech online tool

5. NaturalReader

NaturalReader adds accessibility features to a browser-based TTS reader. Adjust text size or turn on OpenDyslexic font. Get unlimited use of the service’s free voices, which are strong enough, with four U.S. English speakers and seven other languages available. NaturalReader offers commercial licenses for a fee.

NaturalReader - best text to speech online tool


No one will mistake the voices for a human speaker, but processes text quickly and offers both onsite playback and MP3 downloads. It offers more than 20 languages, plus four English accents: U.S., British, Indian, and Australian. Text is limited to 3,000 characters at a time. There are no playback controls other than Read, but a helpful list of SSML (it’s like HTML, but for TTS) commands allows you to control the performance. - best text to speech online tool

7. Free TTS

Free TTS brings Google’s high-quality TTS voices to an easy-to-use browser tool. Enter up to 5,000 characters of text, with more than 10 U.S. English voices and about 30 total languages and dialects available. Listen online or download an MP3. Free TTS also supports SSML, giving users more control over speaking styles—but free accounts can only convert 6,000 characters per week.

Free TTS - best text to speech online tool

8. Text-to-Speech Tool

This TTS provider sources voices from established services: Amazon’s Polly and Microsoft TTS. This allows it to offer better quality output in a stripped-down, browser-based service. Within this tool, Microsoft TTS voices cover more than 30 languages, many overlapping the 16 offered by Amazon. English-speakers can choose from 13 high-quality voices from each provider, for a total of 26 options. Controls include volume, rate, and pitch. Downloadable MP3s are available.

Text-to-Speech Tool - best text to speech online tool

9. Text To MP3

The voices on this free TTS converter are more machine-like than others on this list, but the site occupies a unique niche. There’s no pre-conversion playback; you have to generate an MP3 to hear a block of text, and there’s a 300-word limit per use. But an integrated menu of background music adds a little fun. Text To MP3 speaks English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish, with a few voice options for each.

Text To MP3 - best text to speech online tool

10. TTS Reader

This free text-to-speech reader features simple controls and reads plaintext, PDF, and epub uploads, in addition to a standard text field. Whereas the other TTS reader on our list—Intelligent Speaker—is a browser plug-in, this one is simply a website; drag-and-drop or copy-paste content to start your TTS conversion. The outstanding feature of TTS Reader is that it saves its progress through a text block. Users can close the browser, come back later, and pick up where they left off.

TTS Reader - best text to speech online tool

Text-To-Speech Online Tools From ReadSpeaker

If you’re looking for the best text-to-speech online tool available, you probably won’t find it on a list of free websites. Many of these sites prohibit commercial use—and that includes NFTs, if you’re thinking of following in Voiceverse’s footsteps. When you need lifelike TTS voices with full commercial licensing, find the right partner.

ReadSpeaker’s speech production solutions operate on the cloud or on your server. They generate natural, human-like voices—including custom branded voices—by harnessing neural networks to mirror human expression. ReadSpeaker provides synthetic speech for websites, apps, voice user interfaces, public announcement systems, IVR, and more. Browse our case studies to find out how companies are already benefiting from these best-in-class text-to-speech services.

ReadSpeaker’s speechMaker TTS production packages support more than 50 languages, with 200 voices and growing—each of which can be customized by speed, pitch, and even word-by-word pronunciation. To experience ReadSpeaker yourself, try our demo tool here.

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