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ReadSpeaker is a Signature Partner of Blackboard, providing a building block in order to integrate ReadSpeaker into Blackboard’s flagship LMS, the Blackboard Learn environment. Easy to integrate, ReadSpeaker can be used by students to read aloud course content in both HTML and document format.

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Do you have different schools or lots of courses within one Blackboard Learn environment and don’t wish to add text-to-speech functionality to everything? ReadSpeaker is available per course in Blackboard Learn, so administrators can turn on/off the listen functionality on a course-by-course basis.

Wayland Baptist University Online

“ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology has been a key tool to improve accessibility of courses at Wayland Baptist University, and is an integral component in aligning our courses with Universal Design for Learning principles. Student testimonials and assessment results confirm that courses designed using UDL benefit all students, not just those with accessibility challenges. Giving students multiple ways of consuming content has proven very effective. ReadSpeaker TTS tools allow students to listen to content, or choose bi-modal learning where they see and hear content simultaneously. ReadSpeaker TTS is a great cost-effective accessibility tool!”

Patricia M. Ritschel-Trifilo, Ph.D, Director of Wayland Baptist University Online (Virtual Campus) http://www.viverhoje.org
Wayland Baptist University