What sets a brand apart from its competitors in today’s rapidly-evolving markets? Is it a unique selling proposition, or the fact that a product is ground breaking? Is it more about company values? How does so-called tone of voice affect communication with customers and prospects? All these factors contribute to brand identity, which influences how consumers perceive your brand and the products or services you offer. It’s an increasingly complex marketplace out there, and ReadSpeaker custom voices for voice-first platforms are ready to help drive your success.

What’s the Recipe for Brand Success?

Strong branding starts with a mix of several key elements, including brand personality and values. Companies need to skillfully implement them in their communication with the market. They need to focus on customer perspective. That is to say, messaging must speak to what actually matters to prospects and clients, addressing real-life needs. And then, there’s the important matter of how businesses position their product or service offerings. What makes one brand stand out among other similar ones within an industry?

Alongside positioning and messaging, tone of voice also plays an important role. It needs to be just right to positively impact prospects and customers. Whether companies are creating influential content, like web site, social media posts, blog articles, or downloadable content to promote their brand or service; tone of voice needs to be consistent to be effective.

The age of voice search is here. And the number of households around the world using voice-first platforms is increasing dramatically. Today, businesses are realizing that tone of voice, in the literal sense, is a key differentiator in this space. Using auditory elements to communicate a brand’s identity (aka sonic branding, audio branding, sound branding, or acoustic branding) is a long-established marketing approach. However, in the AI-powered voice interface, sonic branding is more than a signature jingle, sound effect, or slogan. Actually, vocal branding and voice quality are essential. They are the key to making lasting impressions and eliciting desired emotional responses from consumers across all voice-first platforms.

What’s New in the Voice-First World ?

“Consumer awareness of voice devices and assistants, in terms of all the technology that exists and the capabilities that are already in place, is nascent. Yet, there’s no denying that voice is the future. The technology will continue to drive and shift consumer behavior, and companies need to prepare and adjust accordingly. Search, advertising, content, and commerce are being impacted industry-wide as consumers transform the way they interact with brands as the result of voice technology. Consumers are talking, and it’s a good idea to listen.”

Source: PWC. Consumer Intelligence Series:Prepare for the voice revolution

Marketers work hard to establish strong brand identity on the one hand, and to optimize the way a business is perceived by customers on the other. However, visual identity can’t help brands stand out from the crowd in voice search. As a result, the movers and shakers are focusing on the importance of vocal identity. They know this is the only way to avoid sounding like a mass of other companies that are just starting out. Differentiation in the internet of voice is strongly enhanced by avoiding the adoption of standard digital voices. The go-to strategy for successful vocal branding is to have a digital voice that represents your brand, and yours alone, in the rapidly-expanding voice interface. Your prospects and customers. Your voice.

How Important Are Custom Voices for Voice-First Platforms?

Well, if you’re defining your tone of voice and want to achieve success across the board, you can definitely benefit from ReadSpeaker custom voices for voice-first platforms. With our recognized expertise in Custom Voice development, we offer the highest quality, exclusive custom voices to represent our customers across all their touch points, including web, e-commerce and social media channels, customer care platforms and all listening points in the voice interface. 

In short, a digital voice from ReadSpeaker is a strong step towards success in the voice-first world. With our custom voices in your branding mix, you’re instantly recognizable. You deliver consistent voice branding across all touch points. And your prospects and customers perceive your brand as trustworthy, reliable, and one of a kind.

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