clubahoraCaixaBank, one of the largest banks in Spain and headquartered in Barcelona, called upon ReadSpeaker to make their online program for clients over 65, Club Ahora, more accessible with text to speech technology. Club Ahora offers leisure benefits, daily health services and solutions for older adults. CaixaBank implemented ReaderSpeaker on the Club Ahora website in early 2012. With the usability improvements that have been put into place in 2015, there has been a 50% increase in usage due to higher button visibility and an information button that explains how to use ReadSpeaker. Additionally, more than 600 of CaixaBank’s Club Ahora clients use ReadSpeaker per month. CaixaBank is also in the process of integrating ReadSpeaker docReader on their website so that users may have PDF files read aloud to them. With this service, together with the planned expansion to Club Ahora’s social network, CaixaBank expects an even higher usage.