The Canadian Human Rights Commission has added several ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solutions to facilitate access to the text-based content on its website. The web pages are speech-enabled in English and French using ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting which enables users to click and listen to the text content on any connected device. The text is also highlighted as it is being read to reinforce a better understanding of the text. The Canadian Human Rights Commission will also add ReadSpeaker docReader to make their documents accessible to more users by letting them view and listen to them on any device with no plugins required. ReadSpeaker formReader will enable users to listen to information they fill in the fields of the forms found on the website. The Canadian Human Rights Commission was created in 1977 by Parliament to administer the newly-passed Canadian Human Rights Act. The Commission’s vision is an inclusive society where everyone is valued and respected. It works with organizations across Canada to promote diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace cultures”. The mandate overall of the Commission is to “protect the core principle of equal opportunity and promote a vision of an inclusive society free from discrimination by promoting human rights, protecting human rights through a fair and effective complaints process, and representing the public interest to advance human rights for all Canadians”. Adding the different ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solutions is well aligned with the Commission’s commitment to develop electronic information that is accessible and useable by all people.