Seriously, I am so done reading long news articles on my tiny Sony Ericsson (C702) mobile phone screen. It just don’t do it for me. I like to use the phone in a good old fashioned way; Listen to it. (for emailing I choose my Blackberry). Sweden’s largest morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter today announced the news about the ReadSpeaker service on their mobile website The ReadSpeaker services are well used among groups of people that have problem accessing text all over the world. Dagens Nyheter are now targeting the Speech Enabling service towards mobile users “on the run”. Originally developed to be a tool for web content owners to increase the accessibility to the text content for people with reading handicaps, ReadSpeaker is now going more main stream. More and more people discover the advantages of letting web pages “speak for themselves”. I use the ReadSpeaker services, when available on the website I am visiting, for example when preparing breakfast for my kids. It enables me to catch up with the latest news while doing other stuff. You should try it out yourself!