Converting J-ALERT emergency broadcast alerts into spoken messages

IP notification terminal

Century Systems IP’s “FutureNet IP-K100” IP notification terminal distributes alerts from the J-ALERT emergency broadcast system to its network of disaster prevention broadcast systems in the event of an emergency on a nationwide or regional scale in Japan. 

Since 2019, the terminal has been equipped with ReadSpeaker text to speech, which reliably converts any text into a clear and humanlike spoken message, in real time. The emergency announcements are broadcast simultaneously to all locations involved.

ReadSpeaker Embedded SDK Solution

ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK Embedded’s easy-to-use APIs are standardized and language/voice independent, enabling rapid and efficient development. This solution makes it easy to create voice content dynamically from text, instantly, and distribute the spoken messages to a great number of devices.

ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK Embedded is available for use on a number of operating systems, including iOS, Android, WinCE, and Embedded Linux. For other operating systems, please contact us for details.

If you need high-quality voices for your alert system, please contact us