Customer SupportCustomer support is a key element to evaluate when choosing SaaS solutions. Making that evaluation begins with understanding which customer support key performance indicators are most instructive in determining SaaS support quality. Most of these KPIs will likely be familiar, but there are some important distinctions to keep in mind given the unique nature of the SaaS model.

  • New Support Tickets/Resolved Support Tickets – Support tickets will occasionally spike when new software, services, or updates are introduced. A large number of support tickets over a given period of time isn’t necessarily a red flag, as long as the number of resolved tickets keeps pace. This KPI is a simple, strong measurement of a support team’s efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Average Response Time – When you need customer support, you don’t want to waste time and lose productivity waiting on a response. A strong number in this customer support KPI suggests that the support team won’t keep you waiting, and isn’t prone to the backlog that occurs when new tickets outpace resolved tickets.
  • Average Wait Time – An initial response indicating that your query has been received is nice, but action is what you really want. Wait times typically vary based on the nature and severity of the issue in question, so communication is key. Look for a support team that will keep you apprised of the situation, whether it will be a quick fix, or require more time.
  • Average Resolution Time – This KPI should be analyzed in the context of those listed above. Paired with a quick response time and low number of open support tickets, a longer average resolution time often indicates a support team that gets things right the first time. A quick resolution is great, but only if it’s a lasting resolution.
  • The Basics – Some of the simplest measurements are also the most important. Support should be available during your key business hours, or better yet, on a 24-hour basis. You should also be able to reach the support team in multiple ways, whether by phone, e-mail, website form, or online live-chat.

To give you an indication, our average response time during 2013 was 45% within 1 hour, 68% within 4 hours and 89% within 24 hours. We are very proud of the quality that our dedicated Support team delivers to customers in over 50 countries. Here is some of their feedback:

“Certainly, the best technical support with whom we have to do.”
City of Alès, France “If you hadn’t pointed this out we probably would have forgotten all about it, so thank you very much for your excellent support and helping us improve the experience for our visitors!”
Vilans, kenniscentrum langdurige zorg, Netherlands

“Thank you very much for your great help! I wish every company had such a good support like you.”
Talus Infomatik AG, Switzerland

“Once again: many thanks for your help. The level of pro-active customer support that you are providing is really something else… in a word: fantastic.”
Licht für die Welt, Austria

It’s best to avoid the trap of focusing too much on one of the customer support key performance indicators at the expense of the big picture. Once you piece together the entire puzzle, you’ll be ready to select the SaaS with the best support team to meet your unique needs. [speech-enabling_websites] Image Credit: One Way Stock