We needed a new fresh and intuitive logo for our upcoming rSpeak range of products. Non of us here at the company are really a designer and we do not (yet) have an agency for these things. So what to do?

The answer is this; http://99designs.com

Neat! You submit what you need (like a logo or a design of any kind) and some preferences and a price tag. Then people all over the world are getting to work on it. Only after 2 days we had more then 50 nice designed logos to choose from. Now, after a week, the number has grown to over 150. It is getting more and more difficult to choose the right one. The good thing is that you can see how many times a designer have won before, and also look at some of their previous work. The best part is also that you will get some help on the way choosing the right one. They are getting rated by visitors and other designers. So, if you know “almost” what you want, it is a great support to see what contribution others think is good. And that is definitely worth something. And hey, it is a real time saver. However, you are recommended to give some feedback to the designers, since that would probably result in them submitting new version that are even better.

So, a piece of advice. If you want a nice design, and you do not really know who can help you out. Try 99designs.

I will post the winner in just a couple of days here on the blog.