DeVry University has long embraced technology, offering online courses to students in the United States, and internationally. DeVry has teamed up with ReadSpeaker to add text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities across many programs. ReadSpeaker is a leader in TTS technology, providing solutions that improve accessibility and allow students to learn on their own terms. TTS makes it easier for students to consume the content they need to pursue their educational goals in the format that works best with their needs. Students with access to TTS enjoy a number of advantages in the learning environment:

  • Students with learning disabilities, visual impairments, and other challenges that make it difficult to read text-based content can use TTS to consume the same learning materials as their classmates.
  • With Readspeaker’s TTS technology, students can also choose to save and listen to content on the go. For learners with busy schedules, this means that a workout or morning commute can double as a study session.
  • More and more, students are able to receive education tailored to their personal learning style. For auditory learners, listening is often a more effective way to learn than reading or hands-on experiments.

By offering TTS, DeVry University is opening new doors for its students, and providing a critical learning tool to help them succeed. Readspeaker is proud to be a partner in this initiative, and looks forward to providing a valuable service for DeVry University students.