Disability HorizonsDisability Horizons is the United Kingdom’s fasted-growing disability lifestyle publication. Since 2011, Disability Horizons has published content on a wide variety of topics, in order to promote a future where disabled people can live exactly as they choose. Today, Disability Horizons has a rapidly growing monthly web audience of 30,000 people. A large amount of the website’s content is sourced directly from its reader community, making Disability Horizons a lifestyle publication for people with disabilities, by people with disabilities. Articles span topics from employment, news and politics, to relationships (romantic and otherwise), sports, and travel. ReadSpeaker first came into contact with Disability Horizons’ co-founder Srin Madipalli in 2013. Regarding ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology, Srin simply stated, “Wow! Your software rocks,” and expressed an interest in using the ReadSpeaker WordPress plugin on the Disability Horizons website. By the end of summer 2013, the ReadSpeaker listen functionality was up and running on the Disability Horizons website. The ReadSpeaker listen button is featured prominently on the home page, under the title of each article. Users are therefore well aware that there is a listen functionality, and can use the technology simply and easily, much to the satisfaction of the website owners. Disability Horizons says the following about ReadSpeaker:

Without ReadSpeaker, our website wouldn’t be fully accessible, which means we’d be letting down our readership. ReadSpeaker provides a fundamental service that helps us and other sites to reach out to all sections of society, and is therefore vital for inclusion. We’re so glad we teamed up with ReadSpeaker from the very beginning of our journey with Disability Horizons, and we intend to keep on working with them and their excellent software for years and years to come!

As Disability Horizons continues to expand, ReadSpeaker will expand with the publication. Disability Horizons has already grown its readership by creating an Italian website, and will add Portuguese and Polish websites later this year.