Explosive growth in voice assistants calls for differentiating sound and interaction

Today, almost every company with its own Google action or Amazon skill sounds the same, whether it’s a bank, postal service or supermarket. But that’s about to change. Say goodbye to soulless digital voices and assistants who fall silent because they don’t understand the question. Dutch voice label E.A.R. develops unique and differentiating sound and voice branding solutions (a.k.a. sonic branding) for brands and companies, which can give them a significant edge in the rapidly advancing world of voice assistants. E.A.R. has also developed a revolutionary technology based on artificial intelligence that makes conversations between people and voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa completely natural, smooth and glitch-free.

One Name, One Voice
As a consortium, Dutch companies Embot, Amp.Amsterdam and ReadSpeaker possess all the expertise it takes to successfully differentiate companies through their voice assistants. The acronym E.A.R., made up of the first letter of each of the three company names, is the label of choice for a team committed to helping brands make their impact in voice and voice-operated devices. The total solution offered by E.A.R. consists of a natural conversation with a unique humanlike voice and a differentiating sound.

Explosive Growth in Voice Assistants
Martijn Been from Amp.Amsterdam explains: ‘Use of the voice assistants offered by Google, Amazon and Apple is experiencing explosive growth. Over 20% of adults in the US already have a smart speaker, and that number is growing by 50% a year. The launch of Google Home in the Netherlands at the end of this month will push voice interface use through the roof here too. The question for businesses is not whether to invest in voice but primarily how they can be effective and differentiating.’

An Interface Revolution
Smart speakers are used not only for devices in the home but also for online searches. Seventy-one per cent of smart speaker owners say they would rather search by voice than using the traditional keyboard or screen. Voice shopping is also becoming more popular. Been clarifies: ‘We are on the cusp of a revolution, where the voice user interface (VUI) will play an increasingly important role in consumer lives. This makes it important for companies to ensure smooth, error-free voice interaction between customer and brand, which above all must have its own unique sound. How else can you set yourself apart from the competition during interaction without logos or visual language?’

Status Quo
Maarten van de Koevering, from ReadSpeaker says: ‘The current widespread voice monotony among companies is unnecessary. After all, these companies’ websites don’t all look the same, so why settle for anything less in their voice assistant? There doesn’t need to be anything robotic about it. We can develop a unique, humanlike custom voice for any brand.’ In addition, ‘conversations’ between users and voice assistants regularly fail because questions or commands aren’t understood. That, too, is all in the past now. ‘By using the right artificial intelligence algorithms, we can make interaction with chatbots and voice assistants much more natural’, says Fadoa Schurer from Embot. ‘By enabling them to better understand the context of conversations, our voice assistants are never lost for words.’


About Embot
Embot ensures that interactions between people and computers feel natural and go smoothly. Using unique algorithms, machine learning and NLP, Embot makes talking to voice assistants and chatbots fun and intuitive, for every interface, from Google Home to apps.

About Amp.Amsterdam
Sonic branding company Amp.Amsterdam amplifies brands with the power of sound and music. Amp.Amsterdam uses the brand’s sonic identity to make brand communication more effective and efficient.

About ReadSpeaker
ReadSpeaker makes customized text-to-speech voices with a strong and unique personality that fit in perfectly with the identity of companies. Using next-generation deep neural network technology, ReadSpeaker offers the most accurate solutions in the market.



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Dagmar Heijmans, Amp.Amsterdam:  06-42284801 / dagmar@amp.amsterdamdagmar@earvoicebranding.com

Maarten Koevering, ReadSpeaker a ReadSpeaker Company: 06-51715033 / maarten.koevering@readspeaker.com | maarten@earvoicebranding.com