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ReadSpeaker is the proud partner of many companies, including Electude, an organization headquartered in the Netherlands specializing in simulation-based learning solutions. A recent conversation with Thomas Snyder, Electude’s Chief Commercial Officer, highlighted the company’s mission and just how ReadSpeaker is helping Electude meet its objectives.

Founded in 1990 by two automotive students who wanted to redefine what vocational training could look like, Electude has made a name for itself in the e-learning space through the development of its proprietary learning management system (LMS). Electude’s LMS is unique in both its focus on visual and kinesthetic learners in the automotive, electric drive, heavy vehicles, and mechatronics fields and its 3D gamification learning environment which emphasizes a “learning by doing” method. In lieu of textbooks, the LMS is completely cloud-based and allows instructors to create and manage lessons within the system and students to complete assignments from any location and on nearly any device. Electude content can also be integrated into customers’ existing LMS systems.

So where does ReadSpeaker come in? Electude’s main target are vocational students, many who don’t like to read, have high levels of dyslexia, consider themselves to be purely visual or hands on learners, have trouble retaining information easily, or lack educational skills. For students who fall into any of these populations, text to speech (TTS) is invaluable. By incorporating ReadSpeaker text to speech in their LMS, Electude has greatly increased their overall adoption and usage. The TTS inclusion also helps LMS content to be ADA compliant, a particular request of many US customers.

ReadSpeaker TTS has proven to be especially useful when it’s placed in Electude instructional modules; for example, lessons where students are working on a car and can use the text-to-speech voice as a virtual audio coach. According to customers like Matthew Dykes, an instructor from SUNY Rockland Community College, “Electude is a more interactive learning experience,” which has allowed him to better “organize classes, design custom assignments, and … reinforce lecture and theory.” Adding text to speech to Electude’s system only increases its interactivity and accessibility.

Electude customers consist of vocational schools (80%) and corporations (20%), such as car manufacturers, from over 55 countries. As a global player addressing monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual audiences, Electude needed to collaborate with a TTS company who could support a variety of languages. ReadSpeaker has enabled Electude content to be accessed in 33 languages, which only adds to the company’s unique selling point for multilingual customers; not only can its content be provided in multiple languages, but it can also be speech enabled in these languages. Currently, data shows that ReadSpeaker-integrated content has several hundreds of thousands of clicks each month in 20+ languages, which proves the need is there and is being met.

To see just how Electude is utilizing ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solutions in their LMS, watch this video. Contact ReadSpeaker today to discuss how our text-to-speech voices can help your learning management system.