Agoravox logo Carlo Revelli, the founder of the leading French citizen and participatory journal AgoraVox shared some of his feedback on how he sees speech as a service. Q. AgoraVox has speech-enabled its web site since a few years, why did you do this? A. We wanted a simple solution for our web site users, notably those with reading disabilities. ReadSpeaker came across as the most useful web application, where visitors simply need to click on the listen buttons that go along with each of our articles to access the spoken version. Our users can also download the mp3 file to listen to our content at a later time or on mobile devices. Q. A question we often get is how can this not be a pre-recorded voice? How would you explain that it isn’t to a prospective customer? A. Well, the audio version is generated on-the-fly thanks to text to speech online which is near-to-human in quality. This is what makes ReadSpeaker so useful for a media site such as AgoraVox. Our contributors are constantly updating the site and the vocal version is generated dynamically in real-time. Q. In terms of adding ReadSpeaker to your site, how difficult was it? A. It’s as easy as adding a web analytics solution such as Google Analytics. You only need to tag your site with the code delivered by ReadSpeaker and off you go; you have a speaking web site! It takes half-a-day at the most.