For the first time in Tunisia, e-Taalim, an electronic Magazine specialized in the fields of e-Learning and Blended Learning announces officially the launch of an innovative service: the vocalization of all its content (for its three versions: French, Arabic and English). This free service will be offered following a partnership between Internet Marketing Solutions (IMS), the publisher of e-Taalim and ReadSpeaker. e-Taalim’s readers will have the opportunity not only to listen to each article or page of the website, but also to download the content in “mp3″ format to be able to listen to the audio files wherever they are and at any time of the day. Since its launch, e-Taalim has been dedicated to providing free information in the fields of education and training. Thanks to this strategic partnership, it will consolidate its position as a venture which has an important social impact. In this regard, it has two main objectives: the first consists in reducing the digital divide between nations; as for the second, it is a noble action to better educate people with special needs for them to be e-included in the society. Nowadays, internet presents some obstacles for many users; mainly because of an extremely diversified and rich content, mostly inadequate compared to the size of computer monitors and terminals (especially for hand-held devices). Also, over 20% of the Western World’s population suffer from some kind of reading disability not to mention the even higher percentages in other parts of the world. The web vocalization is an interesting alternative; since, in addition to the visually impaired persons, it will allow anyone like people suffering from dyslexia, people with low literacy levels, mobile people, people having a low language level… to assimilate any content found on the web.