Global News LogoGlobal News, the news and current affairs division of the Global Television network in Canada, is now using text-to-speech technology on their website,, to make their online news content more accessible.

The first news outlet in Canada to offer such an audio tool, Global News has collaborated with ReadSpeaker, a world leader in online text to speech, to make it possible to simultaneously read and listen to Global News content online.

With a “Listen” button and an easy-to-use audio player on all of its online stories, the Global News website allows anyone to listen to a spoken version of an article on any stationary and mobile device. For people who are on the go, they can comfortably listen to the daily news hands-free. For those who struggle to read, with mild to moderate visual impairment, or for those learning English, online news content is now easier to understand and comprehend. This way Global News makes vital news accessible to a greater population of those online.

For more information on ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech audio tool, read Global News’s article: Global News’ text-to-speech converter aims to help Canadians access the Internet