We often get asked about what are good examples of web sites implementing text to speech online. Not all but many follow our guidelines on how to place the listen button. That is paramount in making sure that the user immediately recognizes what the listen button on the web page is meant for. Here is a selection of a couple of web sites that display ReadSpeaker in a way that ensures a good user experience.

Preston City Council

Preston City Council uses one of the many versions of our listen button to specify that the button will read the page (we also have buttons in many sizes and colors that specify that the user will Listen to text, Listen to post, Listen to article, or just the listen icon on its own). The Listen button is placed near the text that it reads out.

Australian Government

The Australian Government’s web site concerning disability, housing and community services implemented our reading service with embedded highlighting with the listen link next to the title of the page. They also have a page for their web site visitors explaining how the listen function works.

WhoAWee Knowledge Center

This is an elearning site for kids. The listen button sits very visibly just above the text that it reads out.

Upplands-Bro Kommun

The Swedish web site Upplands-Bro Kommun has the listen button (Lyssna) sitting just under the title so that users can immediately identify the purpose that the button serves. This townhall also has an explanatory page for its users on how to use the listen feature.

Annecy Townhall

The French town of Annecy is one of the 3 contenders for the Winter Olypics in 2018. They have placed a big listen button (Ecouter la page) next to the title. As with all our implementations, once the user clicks on these listen button, the speech starts automatically without having to download any software or plugin. We can make demos of how a listen button would look on your web site and advise you on the best practices so that your users can get the most out of an audio version of your text content.