Heise online, the leading IT news site in Germany, has decided to bring a new innovation to its iPhone and iPad apps by letting users listen to articles with ReadSpeaker’s online texttospeech service. The audio version of all heise online articles enables a greater accessibility for users with reading disabilities thereby complying with the BITV 2.0 guidelines. The new listen function is also a great way for users on the go or multitaskers to more easily consume heise online news. The audio version of the iPhone and iPad apps opens up a new distribution channel for heise online. Text articles can now be heard on the fly with a simple tap on the listen icon. ReadSpeaker’s streaming technology delivers a fast and accurate audio version of the updated news in real time. Heise online uses ReadSpeaker audioMobile API to deliver the spoken version of its articles. The ReadSpeaker service is fully cloudbased and seamlessly integrates speech into the heise online mobile and tablet apps. Heise online users don’t need to synchronize their iPhones or iPads to listen to the latest content; it is updated automatically and on the fly. Heise also been speech-enabling its website for several years now including banner ads in the player window that opens up when the listen button is clicked on.