Customers sometimes ask us if our text to speech online solutions pre-record the audio version of the text that is speech-enabled. The answer is that our products don’t pre-record anything, the audio we generate is done on-the-fly. This enables ReadSpeaker to convert text into speech on any dynamic web site. We have different products, so I’ll discuss implementation of our most popular one, ReadSpeaker Embedded Highlighting. There are basically 3 steps:

  1. Add a short JavaScript to your website code
  2. Add our Listen button using the HTML code we provide. We include recommendations in our implementation instructions on how to place the listen button
  3. Define the reading area of your web site by either specifying the content to be read out using the HTML ID attribute or by using HTML start and stop comments

Apart from these 3 basic steps, we also include in our instructions a ready-made template for each of our text to speech online solutions which you can use on your web site to explain to your users how to use the listen function. We also provide information on how to name the mp3 file for users who want to save the mp3 file (for example if they don’t have flash) and other recommendations to customize the reading out loud of your web pages. Once you have implemented the above steps, the end-result is:

  1. The user visits your site
  2. He/she clicks on the listen button; ReadSpeaker detects the page/text
  3. ReadSpeaker collects the text and produces the speech
  4. …and sends the audio to the user

This process only takes a fraction of a second and doesn’t require the end user to download any software or plugin to be able to listen to your web site.