We give our customers several ways to configure our products for optimal reading of their online content. Their users can also customize how they use our products to better meet their needs. Try the features below on any page of our website, including this post.

Basic Controls

When ReadSpeaker is implemented on a website, users will see a Listen button. Clicking the Listen button opens our player and starts reading the content of the page. ReadSpeaker Listen button and player online text to speech with highlighting Users can pause or stop the reading at any time and adjust the volume using the controls in the player. Clicking at any point in the progress bar either rewinds or fast-forwards to that point.

Listening to Selected Text

Want to hear just a part of the text instead of the whole page? It’s easy. Select any part of the text on the page and click the Listen button. Only the selected text will be read. Depending on the product, selecting a part of the text will display the pop-up Listen button. Clicking the pop-up Listen button will display our miniplayer, and only the text selected by the user will be read. Text selection and the pop-up Listen button ReadSpeaker pop-up Listen button ReadSpeaker pop-up miniplayer ReadSpeaker miniplayer

User Settings

Some of our products include a Settings menu accessible from our player that allows the user to choose how the text is highlighted (sentence by sentence, word by word, no highlighting at all, etc.). They can also change the reading speed and select whether to show or hide the pop-up Listen button that appears when they select only a part of the text for reading. ReadSpeaker settings menu ReadSpeaker user settings