We’ve just published a report that summarizes some of research-supported benefits of bimodal content presentation. Content is presented bimodally when it is in both audio and visual formats at the same time. Bimodal reading refers to the act of reading text while hearing the words at the same time or reading the text, hearing the words, and having the words (and/or sentences) highlighted at the same time. ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech solutions make it easy to present your online content bimodally. The end-user needs only to click the Listen button to hear the text while he reads it. Our products can also highlight the text at the same time either word by word or sentence by sentence. The research shows that using text to speech can improve the end-user’s

  • word recognition skills and vocabulary
  • reading comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and concentration
  • information recall and learning/memory enhancement

When using text to speech, the end-user can also feel more motivated and have a more positive attitude with regard to reading. Download the report or get a demo of your own site presented bimodally.