We have just launched today our latest product, ReadSpeaker® formReader™. It is a web based service which helps users fill in forms by reading out loud both the fields as well as the text entered by the user. It is like having your own personal voice assistance to help you correctly fill in forms. The user can at any time decide to activate/deactivate the ReadSpeaker formReader feature. We see the following advantages in speech-enabling your online forms:

  • It provides your users with an easy “voice check” of what fields they are inputting content with and what text they have typed in.
  • It increases the number of users who will fill out your forms by providing an audio access for all those that have reading disabilities.
  • It helps reduce incoming mails/calls by making it clearer, easier to fill in your forms thereby providing a potential cost-saver.
  • And as with all our products, ReadSpeaker formReader is web based so no downloads are required.

ReadSpeaker formReader can be used for areas such as:

  • Tax and other administrative declarations
  • Shopping/order forms
  • Customer/personal information
  • Surveys