Gwinnett County School System is the largest district in the state, serving nearly 170,000 students in 2013-14. In 2010, the district won the prestigious Broad Prize as the top urban district in the country. When IBM wanted to test out a new system for education, it chose Gwinnett. In a program called Personalized Education Through Analytics on Learning Systems, IBM is trying to use data analytics and predictive modeling to remake education. In this system, school officials will mix a student’s past performance with predictive modeling data while considering the student’s preferred learning method. This will allow teachers to grab specific content and particular teaching methods to customize education for each student. While IBM and Gwinnett have partnered on different projects for 15 years, this specific initiative was put in place right at the end of 2013. Nearby the metro Atlanta district sits Forsyth County Schools. Although they are taking a different path, their goal is somewhat similar to Gwinnett. Forsyth, using a nearly $5 million grant from the federal government, set up a new learning management system that could track each student. Then the district digitized its learning materials, from textbooks to staff-created lessons to digital learning databases. By placing these digitized materials in the same management system, Forsyth allowed teachers to have choices for each learning objective they teach. Choosing an auditory lesson, versus a visual or word-based lesson, for each student becomes easy. Forsyth, too, is in the early stages of rolling this system out, but even using some of these items, the district has been able to increase student test scores while decreasing its dropout rate. [enhancing_learning]