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Learning and Text to Speech

Natural-sounding voices for accessibility, literacy support, and improved learning outcomes

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How can you make content more inclusive so no learner gets left behind? How do you deliver content in a flexible way that enhances the way learners consume information? How can you help learners achieve higher academic and professional performance?

ReadSpeaker solutions instantly create an audio version of your online courses, textbooks, assessments, research, training materials, and more. Increase comprehension and improve learning outcomes by allowing learners to listen while following along with the highlighted text, using a suite of reading, writing, and learning tools.

Reach a larger percentage of your students, such as those with visual impairments, reading difficulties, and foreign students, and meet their needs.

Our solutions are used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Educational Institutions

Improve literacy skills, comprehension, and student engagement with ReadSpeaker’s suite of audio-enhanced learning tools.

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Corporate Learning

Increase the success of your corporate learning program by supporting employee’s unique learning needs.

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Give your content a competitive edge by giving it a voice.

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Provide audio accommodations for test takers.

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