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Publishing and Text to Speech

Expand the Reach of Your Content & Increase Platform Usage

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Ensuring that content is accessible and engaging is essential in today’s publishing environment. ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solutions give a voice to content, making content more engaging and increasing usability in both desktop and mobile environments. Our range of fully customizable, high-quality on- and offline solutions extend the reach of content by allowing learners to listen to e-books, assessments, and other online content. ReadSpeaker solutions ensure that your content (including math and science text) is read near faultlessly by utilizing default and customer-specific pronunciation dictionaries and by providing publishers with control of the reading area and reading order.

All you need to enhance your content with audio

Online Web Reading

Instantly convert online content to lifelike speech. A feature-rich, customizable player allows you to provide additional value to learners, in line with your brand.

Online Document Reading

Make your online documents (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, EPUB, Apache OpenOffice, and more) audible and more accessible to as many learners as possible. Your documents can be listened to on any device at any time – no plugins required.

Offline Audio Files

Automatically and seamlessly create high-quality, natural-sounding audio files.

TTS Engine Licensing for Online Use

Utilizing a cloud-based API, integrate TTS capabilities into your mobile apps, computer software, or hardware devices.

TTS Engine Licensing for Offline Use

Integrate ReadSpeaker text to speech locally into mobile applications, installed software applications, or hardware devices.

What could your content be with ReadSpeaker text to speech?

Text Books

Meet the needs of all learners by making academic e-books more accessible and convenient with ReadSpeaker text to speech.

Scholarly and Professional Content

Extend the reach of published content (including math and science reading) with text to speech and customize pronunciations across multiple platforms. Learners can listen to content from multiple devices and while on the go, thereby increasing the amount of engagement with your content.

e-Book & Journal Platform Providers

Give your publishing platform an important competitive edge by offering text to speech as an integrated feature.


Integrate text to speech with accurate pronunciation into assessment platforms to provide for various student needs, allowing the complete assessment to be read or only selected vocabulary.

Academic and Research Databases

Increase usability and make academic and research content more accessible on all platforms by allowing users to listen to content on any device.