Imserso has just added ReadSpeaker’s online text-to-speech service to its platform of 22 websites. By speech-enabling its websites, Imserso reaches out to a wider population thereby ensuring greater access to its web content. Imserso uses ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting to give a voice to its different websites. Imserso website visitors do not have to download any extra software; they simply click and listen to hear the content of the websites. The text is also highlighted as it is read to the website visitor. ReadSpeaker makes the Imserso group of websites more accessible to users with reading disabilities and vision problems as well as for anyone who prefers to listen rather than read text content. Since text is converted into high-qualityspeech on the fly, anytime the content changes on an Imserso website, ReadSpeaker delivers the up-to-date audio. To speech-enable their online PDFs, Imserso has chosen ReadSpeaker docReader. ReadSpeaker docReader makes various document formats viewable in all browsers, even on mobile phone browsers as well as other devices that do not have built in PDF-, Word- or Open Office-document viewing capabilities. It converts these documents into a web-readable format, while preserving the original layout, so that they can be viewed and listened to in all types of browsers and devices which otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so. According to Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales, “For Imserso, ReadSpeaker ensures that the content and services offered through our web platform are available to those whose needs are not fully covered by the highest standards of web accessibility to which we are committed: those of our users whose disability prevents them from reading and/or having a satisfactory understanding of written content, or people with impaired vision or foreigners who understand spoken Spanish but are unable to read it properly, would be, among others, potential beneficiaries of the solution offered by ReadSpeaker. The automatic web text-to-speech service provided by ReadSpeaker is affordable, easy to use and device independent.” “We are honoured to have been chosen by Imserso and its network of websites. Following the speech-enabling of the Ceapat website, providing an audio alternative for Imserso websites proves to be a must-have tool for users who have reading difficulties but also a comfort solution for all of their visitors,” says Antonino Sistac, responsible for ReadSpeaker Spain and Latin America.