BovenIJ logoThe BovenIJ hospital is a general basic hospital based in Amsterdam North. One of the things that makes BovenIJ a nice hospital is its personal attention to each patient. BovenIJ hospital was the first Dutch care institution. In order to provide better services for its international patients and visitors, BovenIJ publishes its website in four languages: Dutch, English, Turkish, and Arabic. We recently interviewed Angelina Hammond of the BovenIJ Communications Department on how the hospital benefits from ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech solutions. Q. Why did you decide to speech-enable your website? A. Our hospital deals with patients of different cultures. The district in which we are situated is also very multicultural. It’s no more than a logical decision to give the information in different languages, but also make it available for the illiterate. Our Consumers’ Consultative Council, which we call ‘Cliëntenraad’, also played an important part in the final decision to speech-enable our website. Q. How did you learn about ReadSpeaker and its solutions? A. One colleague did a lot research on Internet, so she came across this application and its solutions. Q. How much effort was involved to add ReadSpeaker to your website? A. We needed some support to add ReadSpeaker. Of course, this was also a special case because it involved four different languages. Q. How have you benefited from having a talking website? A. We have been able to provide extra service to the outside world. We’ve received many compliments about this service. Q. How satisfied are your website visitors with the ReadSpeaker listen feature? A. Very satisfied! Q. Would you recommend other hospitals to add ReadSpeaker to their website? A. Yes, absolutely. Q. Do you have any additional feedback about ReadSpeaker? A. Every organization or firm should have such a tool to reach even more clients or different sections of the public.