Sabanci UniversitesiSabancı University is a private university located in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 1996 by the Sabancı Group, the university was set up as a social responsibility project. The university opened its doors in 1999 and, as of 2012, has over 3000 undergraduate and graduate students. With three faculties, the university offers 12 undergraduate and 23 graduate programs in English and Turkish. ReadSpeaker was implemented on the website in both English and Turkish. We recently interviewed Veli Akcakaya, the IT Team Leader at Sabancı University, regarding his experience with the technology. ReadSpeaker (RS): Why did you decide to speech-enable your website? Veli Akcakaya (VA): We want to make life easy for our visitors; if they don’t want to read, then we make it easy for them to listen. We also think people with disabilities can use ReadSpeaker. RS: How did you learn about ReadSpeaker and its solutions? VA: We got an email from ReadSpeaker, so we looked into the company and decided to use it on our websites. RS: Why did you choose ReadSpeaker? VA: We looked into some other solutions, but Readspeaker was the best one. It reads and highlights the text. RS: How much effort was involved to add ReadSpeaker to your website? VA: Maybe 10-15 minutes for a website. RS: How have you benefited from having a talking website? VA: We have gotten very good feedback about it. Our visitors like ReadSpeaker; they prefer to listen instead of reading. RS: How satisfied are your website visitors with the ReadSpeaker listen feature? VA: They are happy with it. They like ReadSpeaker. RS: Would you recommend that other organizations add ReadSpeaker to their website? VA: Sure, it will be very useful. Visitors don’t need to focus exclusively on the website. They can listen and do their work at the same time. RS: Do you have any additional feedback about ReadSpeaker? VA: No, just thanks for ReadSpeaker.