ReadSpeaker client Avvenire has received the 2014 “Premio all’innovazione nell’editoria” (Innovation award in pubishing). Avvenire received this award for its use of text-to-speech services in the digital edition of its content. Avvenire is an Italian daily newspaper affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Based in Milan, the newspaper began circulation in 1968 and launched its digital edition in 1998. In 2014 Avvenire decided to enhance its digital edition with ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology. Avvenire’s use of text to speech has been well-received by the Italian public. Visitors to the website can clearly identify the icon to listen to the article, available to the right of the article text and clearly labeled with ‘ascolta’ (Italian for ‘listen’ ). In addition to winning the innovation award for publishing for the addition of text to speech, Avvenire has been commended by various Italian politicians for increasing accessibility of online content.