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Jutten: Virtual Training For Corporate Learning Using Text to Speech

ReadSeaker text to speech technology and corporate learning: the perfect match. Jutten creates state-of-the-art simulation training/serious games for the retail sector with a team of developers, educational experts, software engineers, designers, and project leaders. Jutten has now been using ReadSpeaker services for one year within its training applications. We speak with Edward Bosma, technical director at Jutten.

ReadSpeaker: Jutten has always made use of audio for your registertraining programs. Why did you decide to consider text to speech for your training programs?
Edward Bosma: There were two reasons for us, namely price and flexibility. Price is obvious. If you work with recording studios, you have high set-up costs and high variable costs. By working with text-to-speech technology, we eliminate the set-up costs and the variable costs decrease significantly. And because Jutten’s strategy consists of doing more international business, text-to-speech technology makes the company much more flexible. We no longer have to search for voice actors, and are in a position to produce audio faster and make corrections if necessary.
RS: To generate audio quickly and flexibly, Jutten uses ReadSpeaker’s Product API. Could you tell us more about this API in combination with your scripting program?
EB: Texts are scripted in a database. These texts are then turned into audio in our automated development sequence via the Production API. The automated development sequence checks every time which texts are new or modified. Only new or modified texts are then sent to the Production API.
RS: How have your clients reacted to the text-to-speech technology instead of studio voices in your register trainings?
EB: Up to now, positive! It is indeed important to manage expectations from the beginning, since text to speech is less natural than studio audio. But our clients also see the advantages in terms of flexibility and costs.
RS: Would you recommend that other corporate learning parties use the services of ReadSpeaker?
EB: Certainly!

Click on the film below to see the Jutten’s register training in action, using text-to-speech technology from ReadSpeaker! 

Logo Jutten



Replace voice actors with text-to-speech technology.



Scripted texts from a database are automatically converted into audio via ReadSpeaker TTS Production API.



More flexibility and a decrease in costs for clients that use Jutten’s trainings.

Download the case study here: https://info.readspeaker.com/jutten-case-study