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KET Enhances Adult Education with Text to Speech

Founded in 1962, Kentucky Educational Television (KET) is Kentucky’s preeminent public media organization. KET strives to produce innovative and relevant programs and services that exemplify its values, including the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and equal access to all needed resources. The first GED (General Education Diploma) series was distributed nationally in 1975. A decade later, KET launched the its first study-at-home GED project. KET’s Fast Forward learning system was launched in 2014, and designed to help adult learners prepare for high-school equivalency tests, college, and careers.

ReadSpeaker initially reached out to KET in 2013 regarding the possibility of adding text to speech to KET’s online learning platform. In 2014, KET indicated that they were ready to consider adding ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology to the new GED® prep courses, a part of the Fast Forward Learning System.

KET was mainly interested in adding text to speech to the GED-platform as a way to reach out to more adult learners. Adult learners who are returning to school to obtain certifications often face many more obstacles than traditional students, including a lack of time and lower reading skills.

Recognizing the many benefits of adding ReadSpeaker to their online learning platform, KET decided to test out the technology on their development server. With the help of ReadSpeaker’s technical team, KET was able to get ReadSpeaker up and running within the Moodle learning environment very quickly. Set-up was made even easier by ReadSpeaker’s Moodle plugin, which allows for both reading of HTML content and reading of documents.

KET has been extremely satisfied with ReadSpeaker’s technology, and has received many compliments from students. On average, the ReadSpeaker player is activated about 12,000 times per month: a huge success!

FastForward: College and Career Ready



Engage adult learners returning to complete schooling certification, who are often struggling readers.



Implement ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology on all adult learning courses in the Moodle environment.
Audio with synchronized highlighting for text and mathematical reading.



Average 12,000 activations per month.
Satisfied students who find it easier to work through course material.