Key4biz, an Italian newspaper specializing in Telecommunications, Media, Internet, and Games, has a new service to make its online content more accessible: you can listen to their daily news as well as read them. It’s easy to use, accessible from any browser and mobile device, and it’s secure and efficient. Key4Biz has implemented a new cloud-based service by ReadSpeaker, world leader in online text to speech. Just click the Listen button to instantly have an audio version of a page without any need for a download. The service is also useful for the visually impaired because it enhances the understanding of the text thanks to a system that highlights the reading on a word-by-word basis. ReadSpeaker also makes it possible to download the audio file of each article in a podcast format. “We are very pleased that ReadSpeaker has been implemented by Key4biz,” said Marcel Zuidhof, responsible for the Italian and Spanish markets of ReadSpeaker. “This shows how much such a prestigious online newspaper cares for the issues of accessibility and digital exclusion. Key4Biz readers suffering from visual impairment or dyslexia can now benefit from the contents of the site being read aloud, while the normal user will be able to listen to the site in many real-life situations in which, for example, reading is impossible or not really convenient. ” Raffaele Barberio, Director of Key4biz, agrees: “The new feature we are now able to offer our readers thanks to ReadSpeaker’s technology follows in the wake of the flexible approach that has always characterized Key4biz and the relationship with its readers and supporters. This is a feature that has often been requested by both individual readers and associations alike. Now that we have it, we are proud of it.