After months of hard work, everyone at ReadSpeaker is proud to introduce ReadSpeaker webReader:

Previously ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting, we chose the name “ReadSpeaker webReader” for our flagship product to better reflect what it does: speech-enable website content, or quite literally, read websites out loud using our text-to-speech technology.

ReadSpeaker webReader has all the same great features as ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting, but with EVEN MORE.

Here’s a peek at some of the features we are most excited about:

  • New Listen button with an expand button that opens a toolbar with many new features.
  • The powerful toolbar provides your website readers with speech, reading and translation tools to help them fully understand your online content. People are far more likely to return to and recommend websites where they have had positive experiences.
  • The Simple View tool offers distraction-free reading. You can view web pages in plain text format.
  • The Read on Hover tool helps readers focus on your web content, paragraph by paragraph. They can listen to a single paragraph being read out loud by simply hovering over it with their mouse.
  • The Translation feature will ensure your content reaches an international audience.
  • The Word Lookup tool helps your readers learn as they read your web pages. They just select a word on your website to find its definition in an online dictionary.

Learn more about ReadSpeaker webReader by visiting the product page here.

Implementation Details

  • You already have ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting on your website:
    –  If you have a standard implementation, all you have to do to upgrade to webReader (from Enterprise Highlighting 2.5) is to replace our link in the JavaScript with the new one. Please contact your Sales representative to get started.
    –  If you do not have our standard implementation, please contact your ReadSpeaker Sales representative to update.
    –  If you have added an About page for ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting 2.5 to your website, we strongly advise replacing it with the new webReader About page.
  • You don’t have ReadSpeaker yet on your website:
    With just a few lines of code, you can speech-enable your website content. Fill out this contact form to get started.

Why do you need text to speech on your website anyway?
Truth is, your website text content is not as accessible to your audience as it could be. This audience includes those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, reduced vision, language learners, the growing elderly population, and anyone else looking for a simpler way to access web content on the go. See more on the webReader product page.

Get started with ReadSpeaker webReader and contact us!