We had a Q&A session with David Flint, Partner at MacRoberts, one of Scotland’s pre-eminent law firms. • How did you learn about the ReadSpeaker solutions? I had been browsing the web and come across the ReadSpeaker implementation on the Dutch Railway site ns.nl. This seemed to be a technology which we could usefully add to the website we were redesigning at macroberts.com and we approached ReadSpeaker. • What are the reasons that you wanted to implement a listen function for your online text, documents and forms? We started with the listen function on the HTML pages and this year (some 2 years after that) moved to documents, PDFs and Forms. We saw the ReadSpeaker as assisting us to meet our CSR and accessibility needs as well as providing cool technology and extra functionality on the website. • What are the reasons that you wanted to provide your RSS feeds in audio, on a PC as well as on a mobile phone (iPhone app)? We had started on the PC and just recently moved to the iPhone App. As more of our clients have iPhones (and other Smartphone devices) the move to the mobile platform was a logical step in our aim to keep ahead of our competitors whilst providing information in as many forms as possible. • Who is your target group? Our target group obviously would encompass those who are vision impaired, but also those who are multi-tasking (which is the case of many of our clients) or who are on the go. Adding web based text to speech solutions enables us to differentiate our offering from other law firms. • What do you think about the voice of the ReadSpeaker solution? We have worked with ReadSpeaker on the voice; first of all with Kate and now we are using Heather. After having an English voice for almost 2 years, we were delighted that ReadSpeaker proposed a Scottish voice for us and we have now implemented that across the website, the iPhone App and the Podcasting solution. • Was ReadSpeaker easy to implement? Our developers appear to have found it easy and quick to implement and now the ReadSpeaker listen button gets deployed automatically and seamlessly on all new pages (there are almost 1000 on the website with that increasing by 15 – 20 per month). • Would you recommend ReadSpeaker to people you know? Unquestionably! • What do you think about the Support of ReadSpeaker? We cannot praise the Support highly enough; from the sales support in The Netherlands to the Technical assistance in Sweden, the support we have obtained has been second to none. In the recent implementation of the iPhone App for instance, we did not understand exactly what we wanted to do (or how to do it) – and are still finding our way! – but the help we have received from the Development team has meant that the experience has been far from difficult. We have had new versions developed overnight and during weekends all without a glitch although our questions must have been frustrating sometimes! We wish all support teams offered us this level of help. • Do you have any additional feedback about ReadSpeaker? Wonderful company to work with, to partner and to have supporting us. No qualms about recommending them to others (as I have done in Europe and USA). Fantastic technology, works straight away and adds a new dimension to our technology offering.