We are launching today a new addition to our family of products, ReadSpeaker docReader. ReadSpeaker docReader is an online software service that allows users to listen to PDFs, Word documents and a variety of other document formats. It converts these documents in a web readable format, while preserving the original layout. ReadSpeaker docReader makes various document formats viewable in all browsers, even on mobile phone browsers as well as other devices that do not have built in PDF-, Word- or Open Office document viewing capabilities. We see web sites as a mosaic of different components. We have our web reading services for speech-enabling web pages like ReadSpeaker Enterprise for larger organizations, ReadSpeaker proReader for medium sized entities and ReadSpeaker webReader for smaller sites and blogs. Then we have products that tackle the speech-enabling of RSS feeds by converting them into podcasts like ReadSpeaker podCaster and ReadSpeaker audioNews. The feedback we kept on getting back from our customers was what about online documents that you find on web sites such as PDF, Word or Open Office. We have used our existing products until now to do that but the result was not up to the level of excellence we wanted to have. That is how we started thinking about ReadSpeaker docReader to target the specific job of making online documents talk. By providing this new web based service we are ensuring that web site owners can offer an audio alternative for their online documents thereby increasing usability as well as accessibility. And as with all our products, you don’t need to download specific software or plug-ins to make ReadSpeaker docReader work.